DevPod 0.5 Release: What's New?

Lukas Gentele
Hrittik Roy
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DevPod has a new release with a ton of new features ranging from Custom SSH config management to new community providers (you can view the list here). Let’s dive a bit deeper into all of them so you can know what are the new features in your favorite CDE.

#GitHub Growth

In less than a year, we have crossed an awesome milestone of 6,000 stars and received a lot of love from the community. This is just the beginning, and this release will have features that will help users become more familiar with cloud development environments.

#Feature Update: Enhanced Dotfile Repository Support

With this new update, users can now leverage the @Branch or @sha256:commit syntax, providing even greater flexibility and control over dotfile management within DevPod.

#Feature Release: Custom SSH Configuration Path

There’s a new feature in DevPod that allows for seamless integration with systems where the default SSH configuration file (~/.ssh/config) is inaccessible or read-only, such as NixOS. This enhancement not only provides greater flexibility but also resolves issues encountered when managing containers.

To specify a custom SSH configuration path during container initialization, utilize the –ssh-config=path/to/file flag with the devpod up command. Alternatively, set the SSH_CONFIG_PATH option in the DevPod context to define the default SSH configuration path.

#Feature Release: “Cancel Running Command” is now available

Now you can cancel any stuck commands or operations that are no longer required by clicking on the Cancel button located at the top.

#Feature Release: Support Setting up Existing Container as Devcontainer

The latest update brings in a new feature that allows you to effortlessly connect your Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to already running containers through the Docker Provider. It’s worth noting that this is currently the only provider supported. With this update, all you need to do is obtain your container ID and use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to create a new instance in that specific container as below:

Once the command executes, you can use the container as your dev container 🎉

#More Community and Custom Providers

The community loved the power Providers give them and since the initial release, we now have a total of 10 Providers among which the 0.5 release introduces these three:

The goal is to empower more users to use DevPod on the infrastructure they want. With the increasing number of custom providers and community feedback, DevPod is progressing well towards achieving this goal and being adapted across different organizations. 

#Next Steps

If you want to upgrade your DevPod with these new changes, simply go to your Desktop Application, click on Settings, then select Upgrade and follow the steps. For more information, read the DevPod docs.

For more:

Join the #devpod channel on our Loft Community Slack to talk to the maintainers and other DevPod users.

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