DevPod v0.3 Release: Fleet and Jupyter Notebooks

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#DevPod v0.3 Release

We are back with another release of DevPod. DevPod makes remote development easier and organizes your work visually so that you can focus on coding.

There are a few new features that we can’t wait for you to try. To start things off, we have added two new IDEs. These IDEs are starting as experimental. With this flag, we can add new features to DevPod that users can try, even if they are not fully supported.

#New Experimental IDEs


JetBrains might be your default choice when looking for an IDE. We are introducing a Fleet integration so you can use another one of your favorite IDEs. 

Fleet has a beaker graphic on the icon, which signifies it is experimental. Keep an eye out for future updates with new experimental features.

#Jupyter Notebooks

It’s time to speed up work on AI/ML using DevPod + Jupyter Notebooks. We have added Jupyter Notebooks as an IDE.

After you create your workspace, a browser will launch with your repository opened in a Jupyter Notebook.

Now you can run Hello World! somewhere with real power, instead of locally, in around a minute.

#Dark Mode?

Oh yeah, one more thing before we thank our community members for their contributions. One of the first requests we heard was “What about Dark Mode?” and we listened. 

Introducing Dark Mode:


We would like to thank all of the contributors to DevPod. The v0.3 release saw two user contributions that we would like to highlight. 

First off, thank you so much @mrsimonemms for your contribution!

fix(#163): handle objects in the devcontainer lifecycle hooks by @mrsimonemms in #485

Next up, thank you to @p5 for your first contribution!

fix: escape function after successful clone by @p5 in #52


We hope everyone has been enjoying DevPod. Join our Slack and let us know how you use it ( or if you want new features you could create an issue on GitHub (

If you want to try this on Mac with Colima, we’ve got a blog for that too:

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