Let's Learn jsPolicy

Rich Burroughs
Sep 9, 2021
1 Minute Read

I was recently on a YouTube stream explaining jsPolicy, an open source project for managing policies in Kubernetes clusters that we maintain at Loft Labs. CEO Lukas Gentele joined me, and our host was Saiyam Pathak.

We created jsPolicy as an alternative to Open Policy Agent. OPA is great, but we were hearing from customers and people in the community who found learning Rego challenging and were looking for a less complicated alternative. jsPolicy uses Javascript or Typescript, which I think is a lot friendlier for some people. If you are not doing admission control because you’ve had trouble getting your head around OPA, or you’d like a simpler alternative, you should definitely check out this tutorial for jsPolicy.

Just a note, Saiyam had some connectivity problems at the beginning of the stream, so things were not as smooth as his usual streams, but he got it sorted out. So hang in there if the opening feels a little chaotic. There’s a lot of good information.

I want to thank Saiyam for having us on his stream. He’s someone who creates a lot of great Kubernetes and cloud native content, and you should check out his other YouTube videos too.

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