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Introducing the Loft Terraform Provider
Jun 15, 2022 | 6 Minute Read

We’re proud to announce our new terraform provider for Loft. For customers already managing infrastructure using Terraform, the terraform-provider-loft allows configuring Loft spaces and virtual clusters as terraform resources.

Loft v2 is Here
Nov 22, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

We’re excited to announce that Loft v2 has shipped. v2 is a set of improvements that we think makes Loft even easier to use and more powerful.

Loft Feature Spotlight: Sleep Mode
Aug 26, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

It can be challenging to manage costs if your developers use Kubernetes clusters running in the cloud, whether they use shared clusters or have their own dedicated clusters.

Learn about Virtual Kubernetes Clusters at KubeCon North America
Aug 9, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

The program for KubeCon North America 2021 has been announced, and two of the talks can help you get up to speed with virtual Kubernetes clusters.

Why Everyone Builds Internal Kubernetes Platforms
Oct 14, 2020 | 12 Minute Read

Recently, you might have heard about “internal Kubernetes platforms” from many different sources: KubeCon talks, blog articles, or just colleagues and friends. Even if such platforms are not always called internal Kubernetes platforms, solutions that allow engineers to get a standardized and easy Kubernetes access in a cloud environment seem to become more common now.

Kubernetes Sandboxes – Easy Development in a Realistic Environment
Sep 30, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Using sandbox environments is very common for software developers because it allows them to work, test, and experiment in an environment that is isolated from the production system but still provides a realistic experience.

Self-Service Kubernetes Namespaces Are A Game-Changer
Sep 16, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Many companies have adopted Kubernetes recently. However, most of them still do not realize its full potential because the actual Kubernetes usage in these organizations is very limited.

Building an Internal Kubernetes Platform
Sep 9, 2020 | 12 Minute Read

The container orchestration technology Kubernetes has become the dominant solution for cloud infrastructure and as such it is maturing at an unrivaled pace. Many companies have already adopted Kubernetes or are in the process of it.

Virtual Clusters For Kubernetes with Loft v0.3
Aug 11, 2020 | 6 Minute Read

We’re proud to announce that loft is the first cloud-native technology that ships a stable implementation for virtualized Kubernetes clusters. With loft v0.3, users are now able to create virtual Kubernetes clusters (vClusters) in a matter of seconds either via a click on the UI, a single command with the loft CLI or by using the vCluster CRD (see the last paragraph for examples).

How to Save More Than 2/3 of Engineers’ Kubernetes Cost
Jul 7, 2020 | 14 Minute Read

The Cost of the Cloud Using the cloud is not cheap. If you are using a public cloud, you will get a monthly bill for computing resources, traffic, and for any additional services.

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