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Interview with KubeCon Keynote Speaker Mauricio Salatino from VMware
Oct 27, 2022 | 6 Minute Read

Loft Labs is excited to welcome Kubecon North America 2022 keynote speaker Mauricio “Salaboy” Salatino for an exclusive interview where we dive into the struggles facing platform engineers with the CNCF ecosystem.

Introducing: Lightweight, Ephemeral and Local k8s Clusters
Aug 9, 2022 | 2 Minute Read

Tl;DR: For a 5-minute video demo of the new vcluster extension for Docker Desktop, scroll to the bottom of this post. Developing applications designed to run on Kubernetes can be a pain, especially if you switch between multiple applications that depend on different existing services.

Development Environments with vcluster
Jul 18, 2022 | 14 Minute Read

At, we listen to the community and try out the best technologies to help teams meet their goals. This includes both working on open source projects, as well as providing support and products that can help you better leverage technologies.

Virtual Kubernetes Cluster Use Cases at PlatformCON
Jun 29, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

I did an introductory talk for PlatformCON about virtual Kubernetes clusters and the open source tool vcluster. vcluster allows you to create and manage virtual clusters, which are basically a control plane inside of a namespace on a shared host cluster.

How Virtual Kubernetes Clusters Can Speed Up Your Local Development
Jun 22, 2022 | 7 Minute Read

Oh hey, a blog post about virtual clusters again. Maybe you have already heard of those in the context of multi-tenancy, or even jokingly mentioned to someone that some crazy folks are promoting Kubernetes inside Kubernetes.

Happy Birthday vcluster!
May 2, 2022 | 3 Minute Read

We recently passed the one-year mark since vcluster was open sourced. If you’re not familiar with vcluster, it’s a tool for creating and managing virtual Kubernetes Clusters.

vcluster on TGIK
Mar 31, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

The latest episode of VMWare’s TGIK stream featured a hands-on look at vcluster. You can watch the recording below. If you’re not familiar with vcluster, it improves the Kubernetes multi-tenancy experience by letting users run virtual Kubernetes clusters inside a shared host cluster.

Announcing vcluster Plugins and the vcluster SDK
Mar 28, 2022 | 2 Minute Read

vcluster is an open source project that allows users to create and run virtual Kubernetes clusters inside of a shared cluster. A virtual cluster runs inside a namespace of the shared host cluster, but it appears to the user as a standalone, dedicated cluster.

vcluster on Bret Fisher’s Docker and DevOps Show
Mar 15, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Loft CEO Lukas Gentele and I recently joined Bret Fisher’s Docker and DevOps YouTube stream to talk about vcluster. It was great to stream with Bret.

Loft Labs Releases vcluster Plugin System and SDK To Make Integrations And Customizations Easier
Feb 15, 2022 | 3 Minute Read

Loft Labs, a venture-backed startup working on developer tooling and platform technology for Kubernetes, today announced a Plugin System & SDK (software development kit) for its popular open-source project vcluster, enabling the project’s user community and other software providers in the cloud-native space to customize the synchronization logic of the vcluster “syncer” component.

vcluster on Containers from the Couch
Feb 14, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Have you heard about virtual Kubernetes clusters? Would you like to learn more about them? Loft Labs CEO Lukas Gentele and I recently joined Justin Garrison and Jimmy Ray from the AWS team for one of their Containers from the Couch streams to talk about vcluster.

Open Source Project vcluster Now Runs Upstream Kubernetes Natively
Jan 6, 2022 | 3 Minute Read

Loft Labs, a venture-backed startup working on developer tooling and platform technology for Kubernetes, today announced that the popular open source vcluster project now supports upstream Kubernetes.

Beyond Namespaces: Virtual Clusters are the Future of Multi-Tenancy - Video
Nov 2, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

Loft Labs CEO Lukas Gentele gave a talk about virtual Kubernetes clusters at KubeCon North America 2021, and the video is now available on YouTube. You can watch it below.

High-Velocity Engineering with Virtual Kubernetes Clusters
Oct 25, 2021 | 8 Minute Read

Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating your application deployment, scaling, and management, has matured so much recently that it’s expanded beyond its original operations usage and will likely continue to do so.

Meet the Loft Labs Team at KubeCon LA
Oct 12, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

We’re happy to be attending KubeCon North America 2021 this week in Los Angeles. There are two ways to meet us if you’d like to say hello and chat about Kubernetes.

Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Clusters: Challenges and Useful Tooling
Sep 30, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

Multi-tenancy in Kubernetes can seem like an appealing solution to many problems. Maybe it’s to give your developers their own space and save costs by doing it inside a single cluster.

Learn about Virtual Kubernetes Clusters at KubeCon North America
Aug 9, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

The program for KubeCon North America 2021 has been announced, and two of the talks can help you get up to speed with virtual Kubernetes clusters.

Save Costs With Virtual Kubernetes Clusters
Jul 27, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

Virtual Kubernetes clusters are fully functional Kubernetes clusters that run within another Kubernetes cluster. The difference between a regular Kubernetes namespace and a virtual cluster is that a virtual cluster has its own separate Kubernetes control plane and storage backend.

A Look at vcluster with Viktor Farcic
Jul 20, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

It’s been great to see so many folks making videos about vcluster. This one is from Viktor Farcic who is a Developer Advocate at Upbound. Viktor explains how vcluster works, and also dives in and does a great demo.

Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy: Why Virtual Clusters Are The Best Solution
Jul 19, 2021 | 6 Minute Read

As your organization grows and Kubernetes becomes more integrated into your daily workflow, more complex needs will arise. You probably started with a single cluster for everything, but now you see a need for multiple clusters.

Let's Learn vcluster with Saiyam Pathak
Jul 13, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

Loft Labs CEO Lukas Gentele joined Saiyam Pathak on his stream to talk about vcluster. This video is another great way to get up to speed on vlcuster if you’ve heard about it and are curious.

Rawkode Live: Hands-on Introduction to vcluster
Jul 1, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

Loft Labs CEO Lukas Gentele and I joined David McKay, AKA Rawkode, to talk about vcluster on his show Rawkode Live. If you’ve not seen Rawkode Live, David looks at a piece of technology from an end-user’s perspective.

vcluster Becomes First Certified Kubernetes Distribution for Virtual Kubernetes Clusters
Jun 22, 2021 | 2 Minute Read

San Francisco - Loft Labs, which enables any organization to scale self-service access to Kubernetes to hundreds or even thousands of engineers, today announced that the latest version v0.

Kubernetes Namespaces vs. Virtual Clusters
Jun 21, 2021 | 7 Minute Read

If you need to spin up a Kubernetes environment to run your end-to-end tests, what do you do? Of course, you want your setup to mirror production, but starting a Kubernetes cluster (or multiple clusters) is resource-intensive and slow.

vcluster Inception Video
May 24, 2021 | 5 Minute Read

Running a virtual cluster inside a Kubernetes cluster is cool, but running a virtual cluster inside a virtual cluster is some real inception. Watch this YouTube video to see how you can do this with our open source virtual cluster tool called vcluster, or read the transcript below if you prefer.

Loft Labs Open-Sources Virtual Cluster Technology for Kubernetes
Apr 19, 2021 | 2 Minute Read

San Francisco - Loft Labs, which makes Kubernetes easily accessible to developers, today announced that vcluster, a first-of-its-kind virtual cluster technology for Kubernetes, is now freely available on GitHub and on www.

Kubernetes CRDs = Huge Pain In Multi-Tenant Clusters
Dec 9, 2020 | 9 Minute Read

Kubernetes multi-tenancy provides a number of business and technical advantages over single-tenant clusters. However, multi-tenancy also brings several challenges and pain points with it, one of which is handling Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs).

Virtual Kubernetes Clusters In Production
Oct 7, 2020 | 7 Minute Read

The idea of virtual Kubernetes clusters (vClusters) is to spin up a fully-functional cluster within another Kubernetes clusters to provide an efficient abstraction and direct Kubernetes access on top of a shared underlying cluster.

Kubernetes Cost Savings By Reducing The Number Of Clusters
Oct 5, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

When you are using Kubernetes at a larger scale and at different stages (development, testing, production), you will sooner or later face the question of how many clusters you should run.

Kubernetes Sandboxes – Easy Development in a Realistic Environment
Sep 30, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Using sandbox environments is very common for software developers because it allows them to work, test, and experiment in an environment that is isolated from the production system but still provides a realistic experience.

Kubernetes Development Environments – A Comparison
Sep 23, 2020 | 17 Minute Read

Kubernetes has left the state when it was mostly an ops technology behind and now is also very relevant for many developers. As I wrote in my blog post about the Kubernetes workflow, the first step for every developer who starts to directly work with Kubernetes is to set up/get access to a Kubernetes development environment.

Kubernetes Multi-Tenancy – A Best Practices Guide
Sep 21, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Kubernetes multi-tenancy is a topic that more and more organizations are interested in as their Kubernetes usage spreads out. However, since Kubernetes is not a multi-tenant system per se, getting multi-tenancy right comes with some challenges.

Kubernetes: Virtual Clusters For AI & ML Experiments
Sep 10, 2020 | 6 Minute Read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been some of the hottest IT topics in recent years. A recent O’Reilly survey discovered that 85% of companies are already using AI or are evaluating it.

Kubernetes: Virtual Clusters As Development Environments
Aug 31, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Kubernetes has matured so much recently that it even expanded beyond its original space as operations technology. So, also at least 1.7 million developers are already using Kubernetes as “The State of Cloud Native Development” by the CNCF stated for Q2 2019.

Kubernetes: Virtual Clusters For CI/CD & Testing
Aug 26, 2020 | 7 Minute Read

The use of virtual clusters (vClusters) in Kubernetes, i.e. running virtual clusters inside of physical clusters, has the potential to disrupt the use of Kubernetes in a variety of settings, from cloud-native development to machine learning experiments.

Virtual Clusters For Kubernetes - Benefits & Use Cases
Aug 24, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

Virtual Kubernetes Clusters (vClusters) have the potential to bring Kubernetes adoption to the next level. They are running in a physical Kubernetes cluster and can be used in the same way as normal clusters, but still are just a virtual construct.

Introduction to Virtual Clusters in Kubernetes
Aug 13, 2020 | 8 Minute Read

With the increasing adoption of Kubernetes within organizations, the need for Kubernetes access for applications and engineers is also growing. Since it is neither feasible nor cost-efficient to always use whole physical Kubernetes clusters, virtualization for Kubernetes is the obvious solution.

Virtual Clusters For Kubernetes with Loft v0.3
Aug 11, 2020 | 6 Minute Read

We’re proud to announce that loft is the first cloud-native technology that ships a stable implementation for virtualized Kubernetes clusters. With loft v0.3, users are now able to create virtual Kubernetes clusters (vClusters) in a matter of seconds either via a click on the UI, a single command with the loft CLI or by using the vCluster CRD (see the last paragraph for examples).

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