Templates can either be Helm charts or plain Kubernetes manifests which may be instantiated in spaces either manually by the user or in an automated fashion as part of the space creation settings of an account.

Create Templates

loft UI - Create Template

Enforce Templates

One of the most popular use cases for templates is to ensure cluster security and enforce isolation among users and spaces. You can enforce that certain templates are always applied to spaces when they are being created by adding these templates as part of the "Space Creation Settings" of an account.

loft UI - Enforce Template

Template Instances

After enforcing a template for a certain account, loft will instantiate the template in every new space that is being created with this account. These instances of a template can be tracked with the loft CRD TemplateInstance.

To list all TemplateInstances in a certain namespace, run the following command:

kubectl get templateinstance -n [NAMESPACE]
Template Sync

Template instances keep track of the Helm charts and manifests they are creating. When the underlying template changes, the instance will automatically update the Helm chart or the modified manifests to keep everything in sync with the template.