Cluster Access & Accounts

In Loft, access to a cluster is defined by a cluster account. A cluster account is an object created in each connected cluster that references a user or team and defines which access and restrictions apply. Every one of these clusters can run in a different availability zone or even in a different cloud platform etc. So, you can connect, for example, EKS clusters from AWS and GKE clusters from Google Cloud and then give people access depending on what they need to work with.

Loft Accounts
Loft Concepts - Accounts

Managing Accounts

Create Accounts

Users in Loft do not automatically have access to clusters. To give a user access to a cluster, you need to create an account for this user within the cluster.

Loft UI - Create Account

Space Creation Settings

If you open the form to create or edit a cluster account, you will see the section "Space Creation Settings" which provides the following options:

  • Space Limit to set a maximum number of namespaces for this account
  • Timeout for Automatic Sleep Mode to enable automatic sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity
  • Enforce Templates to specify templates which will be instantiated when creating a space with this account
  • Labels & Annotations to specify metadata which should be set when creating a space3
3 While users are generally able to define their own labels and annotations, Loft will make sure that the enforced labels and annotations cannot be overwritten.
Loft UI - Change Space Creation Settings

Delete Accounts

Loft UI - Delete Account
Data Loss

Deleting an account will also delete:

  • all AccountQuotas created for the account
  • all spaces owned by the account
  • all RBAC objects associated with the account and its spaces

Deletion of these objects will be handled by Kubernetes OwnerReferences.

Account Templates

Loft provides a CRD called ClusterAccountTemplate which allows you to automatically create cluster accounts for users or tea,s when they are being created or edited.

Learn more about Cluster Account Templates.