Space Templates

Space Templates can be used to create different space profiles or set default options for space creation in connected clusters.


Create a Space Template

Navigate to Spaces > Space Templates. Click on the 'Add Space Template' button.

loft Space Templates
Add a new space template

In the view you can modify the following sections:

  • Configuration: the default space metadata, automatic sleep and deletion time that should be used to create a new space. In addition, you can define apps here that should get deployed into the space on creation.
  • Access To Space Template: additional users and teams that should be able to access this space template in addition to all existing RBAC rules

Use a Space Template

You can create a space from a template either through the Loft UI or the CLI.

Navigate to spaces and click on the 'Create Space' button. In the drawer you can select a space template or based on the cluster default a template will be preselected automatically.

loft Space Templates
Select a space template

Afterwards you can still change the desired space configuration and press 'Create' to create the space.

Set Default Space Template

Navigate to the Clusters view and click on 'Edit'. Select a space template that should be used as default template for creating new spaces in that specific connected cluster. Then press update to apply the changes.

loft Space Templates
Set a default space template

Delete Space Templates

You can either delete a space template through the Loft UI or use kubectl. Deleting a space template will not delete any spaces that were created by this template.

Navigate to Spaces > Space Templates. Then click on the 'Delete' button.