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Version: 2.2 (Latest)

User Impersonation

Loft allows admins with appropriate RBAC permissions to impersonate users.

Impersonate via UI

  1. In the Users view, hover over the row with the User who you want to impersonate
  2. While hovering over the row, you will see buttons appear on the right in the Actions column
  3. Click on the button to Impersonate the user
  4. In the popup, click on the button to confirm that you want to start impersonation
  5. Whenver you want to switch back to your regular user, click the button on the right-hand side of the impersonation banner at the top of the page

Impersonate via CLI

To use Loft CLI as the impersonated user, you can run the following command while impersonation is active:

loft login localhost:9898 --insecure    # or use your loft.domain.tld instead of localhost, and ideally with a valid SSL cert and without the --insecure flag

You can verify the login and print your user information via:

loft login