Auto Delete for Namespaces
Auto-Delete For Kubernetes Namespaces

Purge Old Namespaces To Keep Your Cluster Clean

After a certain period of inactivity, Loft can automatically delete idle namespaces and virtual clusters to save cloud computing cost.

Get rid of cost for forgotten environments.

Let Loft do the housekeeping for you and identify idle namespaces, virtual clusters and container workloads that increase your infrastructure cost without providing any business value.

Preview Environments For Old Pull Requests

What if a PR is open for 3 months or on halt entirely? Don't waste computing resources on stales PRs.

Dev Environments
From 3 Sprints Ago

Engineers switch between projects frequently. Will they always remember to turn things off?

ML Experiements
Running Forever

What if that long-running ML experiment is still crawling the web although your team has long moved on to the next project?

Sales Demos
For Cold Leads

Spinning up sales demos should be easy but forgetting about them is even easier and nobody wants to waste money on stale demo environments.

If deleting is a step too far,
Loft provides alternatives

Save 70% of Kubernetes cost with Sleep Mode
Go To Sleep Mode
Use Loft's inactivity detection to find unused namespaces and take action manually.