Cluster Users

Deploy workloads to Kubernetes
Automatic Namespace Sleep Mode
Automatic Wakeup For Sleeping Namespaces
Sleep Mode Prevents Hitting Resource Limits

Cluster Admins

Want to optimize cluster cost
Customizable Sleep Mode Behavior
Enforcement Of Resource Limits For Users
Monitoring Of Namespace Utilization + Cost

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

Reduce Cluster Cost

Lightweight Kubernetes Extension


Lightweight Kubernetes Extension For Sleep Mode

Kubernetes Platform

Loft runs as a lightweight controller in every cluster you connect. This controller will manage and isolate namespaces. It also tracks and enforces user limits.

Every space is a virtual representation of a Kubernetes namespace. If you delete the namespace, the space will be gone, too.

Loft adds a resource called "Space" to Kubernetes. You can define that spaces should be put to sleep or deleted after a certain time of inactivity.


Install via Helm in 5 minutes

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