Work in isolated namespaces
Self-Service via UI, CLI or kubectl
Automatic Tenant & Namespace Isolation
SSO via LDAP, SAML, GitHub, ...

Cluster Admins

Manage tenants and their limits
Enterprise-Grade Security
Fully Customizable Tenant Isolation Logic
Automated Enforcement Of Tenant Limits

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

Add Multi-Tenancy

Lightweight Kubernetes Extension


Lightweight Kubernetes Extension For Multi-Tenancy

Kubernetes Platform

Loft runs as a lightweight controller in every cluster you connect. This controller will manage and isolate namespaces. It also tracks and enforces user limits.

Every space is a virtual representation of a Kubernetes namespace. If you delete the namespace, the space will be gone, too.

Loft adds a resource called "Space" to Kubernetes. Users can create/list/delete spaces via the loft UI or CLI and even via kubectl.


Install via Helm in 5 minutes

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