Kubernetes UI For Namespace Management
Management UI For Namespaces & Virtual Clusters

Loft UI For Fast & Easy Namespace and Virtual Cluster Management

Whether you want to create namespaces, manage access for team members, connect new clusters or inspect what is running inside a virtual cluster, Loft UI is a feature-rich interface for Kubernetes that runs kubectl under the hood and adds easy to use controls.

Powerful Management UI For Namespaces

Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete

Loft's advanced inactivity detection monitors when engineers are not working with their namespaces and virtual clusters, so you can define rules for automatically putting pre-production environments to sleep or even configure Loft to automatically delete them after a certain period of inactivity.

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Create Namespaces On-Demand

Enable your engineering teams to create Kubernetes namespaces whenever they need them without having to loop in someone from IT with admin privileges.

Self-service namespaces help your engineers move faster and autonomously validate and test their code early on in the software development process.

Let engineers collaborate in spaces whenever needed

Loft UI runs kubectl under the hood

Loft's "Spaces" act as a virtual abstraction of Kubernetes namespaces ensure consistency and security.

Loft introcuces the Space as a custom resource. Spaces are virtual, so they don't actually get persisted in etcd but only exist as a virtual abstraction on top of regular namespaces. This has the benefit that there is no duplication but at the same time, you can manage spaces with kubectl just like regular Kubernetes namespaces but without the need to give users access to real namespaces or other cluster-wide resources.

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