Kubernetes Access For Users & Teams
Kubernetes Cluster Access Proxy

Controlled Access To Shared Development Clusters

Seamlessly Integrates With Any SSO Provider

Loft is 100% Kubernetes. No Database Needed.

Loft does not have a separate data store.
Everything in Loft is stored in standard Kubernetes resources or CRDs.

Save 70% Infrastructure Cost

Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete

Loft's advanced inactivity detection monitors when engineers are not working with their namespaces and virtual clusters, so you can define rules for automatically putting pre-production environments to sleep or even configure Loft to automatically delete them after a certain period of inactivity.

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Automatic Wake-Up
For Sleeping Environments

Once an engineer starts using a namespace again (e.g. run a kubectl command), Loft automatically restores the state of the namespace and the engineer can keep working.

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