Virtual Clusters

Cluster-Wide Access But Within A Single Namespace.

vCluster Users

Create and use vClusters
Start vClusters On-Demand
Full Admin Access (including RBAC + CRDs)
Sleep Mode For Inactive Clusters

Platform Admins

Manage the host clusters
Self-Service For Engineers
Better Tenant + Workload Isolation
Higher Platform Stability (Cluster Sharding)

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

You can even test virtual clusters with Minikube or Docker Desktop.

Try Virtual Clusters Today


Virtual clusters run on top of any k8s cluster

Kubernetes Platform

The host cluster is the Kubernetes cluster in which the host namespace exists and which is used to start the containers of the virtual cluster.

Every virtual cluster is contained within a single namespace of the underlying host cluster. If you remove the namespace, the virtual cluster will also be gone.

Virtual clusters are super lightweight and start within seconds. They are fully functional Kubernetes clusters that run with a certified Kubernetes distribution.


Install loft in 5 minutes

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