Cloud-Native CI/CD

  • Continuous integration and end-to-end testing
  • Review apps for validation in a realistic environment
  • Higher software quality and fewer bugs in production
  • Problem: Pipelines need access to Kubernetes

Challenges with setting up CI environments

  • CI/CD Pipelines should not have admin access
  • Isolating and securing environments is hard
  • Pipelines need cluster tools (e.g. ingress controller)
  • Environments should be cleaned up to save cost

Solution: On-Demand Provisioning + Isolation

Let your CI/CD pipelines create isolated Kubernetes namespaces and virtual Kubernetes clusters for tests and review apps with just a single command. Let loft pause unused spaces or remove them with a single command in your pipeline or with a single click in the loft UI.

loft create space review-x

Namespace & vCluster Provisioning

Automatic Isolation & Limiting


Works with any Kubernetes cluster

with Helm in less than 5 minutes

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