Tenant Instances

Run in isolated virtual clusters
Spin Up New Instances In Seconds
Secure Isolation via Virtual Clusters
Lightweight, Cost Effective Multi-Tenancy

Engineers & Admins

Integrate virtual cluster technology
Usable via kubectl, helm, CLI, API, ...
Fully Customizable Tenant Isolation Logic
Automated Cost Tracking

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

Add Multi-Tenancy

Lightweight Kubernetes Extension


Lightweight Kubernetes Extension For Multi-Tenancy

Kubernetes Platform

The host cluster is the Kubernetes cluster in which the host namespace exists and which is used to start the containers of the virtual cluster.

Every virtual cluster is contained within a single namespace of the underlying host cluster. If you remove the namespace, the virtual cluster will also be gone.

Virtual clusters are super lightweight and start within seconds. They are fully functional Kubernetes clusters that run with a certified Kubernetes distribution.


Install via Helm in 5 minutes

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