Ephemeral CI/CD & Testing Environments
Ephemeral CI/CD Environments

Ephemeral Environments
For CI/CD & Testing

Create lightweight Kubernetes-based environments in form of isolated namespace or virtual Kubernetes clusters, so you can stand up previews of your application or run test suites as part of your CI/CD pipelines.

Isolated Namespaces

Create namespaces with Loft to automatically apply strict workload and tenant isolation which allows you to host multiple teams and their applications in the same clusters without running into conflicts and without compromising cluster security and availability.

Virtual Kubernetes Clusters

For even better isolation and even more flexibility, you can create virtual Kubernetes clusters with Loft. Virtual clusters have their own Kubernetes API server and a separate data store, so they feel entirely like different clusters and can even have different Kubernetes versions, but under the hood the containers they create run inside the underlying cluster.

Integrate in your CI/CD tooling in minutes

Loft provides integrations with popular CI/CD and declarative infrastructure management tools, so you can use Loft with your existing toolchain and implement your use case as quickly as possible.

Save 70% Infrastructure Cost
For Cloud-Based Dev Environments

Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete

Loft's advanced inactivity detection monitors when engineers are not working with their namespaces and virtual clusters, so you can define rules for automatically putting pre-production environments to sleep or even configure Loft to automatically delete them after a certain period of inactivity.

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Automatic Wake-Up
For Sleeping Environments

Once an engineer starts using a namespace again (e.g. run a kubectl command), Loft automatically restores the state of the namespace and the engineer can keep working.

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