Instant Preview Deployments
Ephemeral CI/CD Environments

Instant Preview Environments

Spin up an instance of your application to validate new functionality, run end-to-end and user acceptance tests, or to just give a team member a feel for what you will be shipping with the next release.

Loft lets you spin up preview deployments:
  • For Every Pull Request
  • For Every Branch
  • At The Click Of A Button

Ship Higher Quality Software At a Faster Pace

End-To-End & User Acceptance Testing
Faster Feedback Loop
for Engineers
Manual or Automated
Visual Change Detection
Easier Involvement Of
Non-Technical Stakeholders

Integrate in your CI/CD tooling in minutes

Loft provides integrations with popular CI/CD and declarative infrastructure management tools, so you can use Loft with your existing toolchain and implement your use case as quickly as possible.

Save 70% Infrastructure Cost
For Cloud-Based Dev Environments

Sleep Mode & Auto-Delete

Loft's advanced inactivity detection monitors when engineers are not working with their namespaces and virtual clusters, so you can define rules for automatically putting pre-production environments to sleep or even configure Loft to automatically delete them after a certain period of inactivity.

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Automatic Wake-Up
For Sleeping Environments

Once an engineer starts using a namespace again (e.g. run a kubectl command), Loft automatically restores the state of the namespace and the engineer can keep working.

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Compatible with any cloud-native development tool to streamline your team's dev workflows

Build Cloud-Native Software
With Modern, Cloud-Native Dev Tools

Development environments managed with Loft work with any development tool that is designed to be used with Kubernetes, including DevSpace, Tilt, Skaffold, and Telepresence.

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Connect Your Local IDE
To Your Cloud-Native Workspace

Most modern cloud-native development tools such as DevSpace provide a two-way sync for files, so that you can keep coding using your local IDE and even set breakpoints in your local IDE but the actual code execution happens inside your cloud-based development environment inside a Kubernetes cluster.

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