Virtual Kubernetes Clusters for Simplified Cluster Operations
Low-Overhead Cluster Management

Simplify Kubernetes Cluster Operations With Virtual Kubernetes Clusters

Isolate workloads into smaller, easier to manage virtual clusters

With virtual clusters, your underlying Kubernetes cluster should be as "dumb" and simple as possible, so it is easy to operate and manage. All workload-specific tooling should live inside a virtual clusters similar to using virtual machines.

Gradually rollout updates to cluster-wide components vcluster by vcluster

Upgrading Kubernetes can be risky and it is even more scary in large multi-tenant clusters. With virtual clusters, your tenants run entirely isolated with separate control planes, so you can upgrade them independently one-by-one.

Separation of cluster state and tenant-specific configurations

By encapsulting tenant workloads into virtual clusters, you decouple tenants which allows you to use tenant-specific configurations. Each virtual cluster, for example, could run a different Kubernetes version or support entirely different CRDs.

Reduce downtime risk and simplify cluster operations with a vcluster powered by Loft


vcluster allows you to spin up lightweight, virtual Kubernetes clusters inside the namespaces of a regular Kubernetes cluster.