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Why Platform Teams Love To Build With Loft

Reduced infrastructure cost

Cut costs by safely achieving higher density and utilization, reducing the need for costly hardware and cloud services.

"With our new multi-tenant EKS architecture based on Loft, we can now spin up one lightweight virtual cluster per customer, which drastically reduced our costs."

Yatin Taluja
Director, Cloud
Increased operational efficiency

Simplify complex Kubernetes operations and enable developers to focus on coding rather than infrastructure management.

"Virtual clusters in Loft seem like a game-changer because they allow us to provision entire clusters as needed with far less management overhead."

Robert D’Ippolito
Manager, Engineering
Faster developer onboarding

Streamline setting up dev environments. Make it easy for new team members to start working on projects without lengthy setups.

"Loft unlocks a great developer experience for anyone having to develop against Kubernetes as a deployment target."

Chad Prey
Team Lead, Developer Experience
Reduce Kubernetes Cost

Unlock the power of virtual clusters to streamline your Kubernetes operations and significantly lower expenses. Experience unparalleled resource efficiency and cost savings with vCluster.

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Accelerate Developer Onboarding

DevPod is the first and only tool for creating and managing dev environments that does not require a heavyweight server-side setup. Developers can write code in any language, and run it anywhere.

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