Scale Self-Service For Kubernetes from 10 to 10,000 engineers

Works with any Kubernetes cluster

Add Loft to your Kubernetes clusters in less than a minute.
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The Most Advanced Platform
For Kubernetes Self-Service and Multi-Tenancy

Most Kubernetes platforms let you spin up and manage Kubernetes clusters. Loft doesn't. Loft is an advanced control plane that runs on top of your existing Kubernetes clusters to add multi-tenancy and self-service capabilities to these clusters to get the full value out of Kubernetes beyond cluster management.

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Operate Loft with the interface
that works best for your workflow.

Loft provides a powerful UI and CLI but under the hood, it is 100% Kubernetes, so you can control everything via kubectl and the Kubernetes API, which guarantees great integration with existing cloud-native tooling.

loft create space dev-api-server
Creating namespace...
Applying security templates to namespace...
Space 'dev-api-server' successfully created.
Loft has created a kube-context on your local machine to access this namespace. It is the current kube-context now.
kubectl get pods       # no need for --namespace
No pods in namespace dev-api-server
kubectl create deployment nginx-deployment --image=nginx
deployment.apps/nginx-deployment created
kubectl get pods
NAME                                READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
nginx-deployment-84cd76b964-mnvzz   1/1     Running   0          10m
kubectl apply -f space.yaml
space/dev-api-server created
kubectl get space dev-api-server -o yaml
kind: Space
  name: dev-api-server
  annotations: '120'
spec: ...
100% Kubernetes API. Control Loft via kubectl or GitOps.
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From The Maintainers Of

Building open-source software is part of our DNA. Loft Labs is CNCF and Linux Foundation member, and we are maintainers of the following open-source projects:


DevSpace is the fastest cloud-native development tool and is designed to be the docker-compose for Kubernetes.


vcluster allows you to spin up lightweight, virtual Kubernetes clusters inside the namespaces of a regular Kubernetes cluster.


kiosk is a multi-tenancy extension for Kubernetes that introduces basic custom resources for tenant isolation and namespace self-service.


jsPolicy is a lightning fast policy engine that allows organizations to write admission control policies using JavaScript and TypeScript.

Empower your teams through self-service

Loft allows companies to empower their employees to spin up low-cost, low-overhead Kubernetes environments for a variety of use cases.

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