DevPod 0.2 Release: Community Providers

Lukas Gentele
Rich Burroughs
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Today, we’re announcing the release of DevPod 0.2. While the release has several changes (you can view the list here), we’re especially excited about the ability to use community and custom providers.

#Community and Custom Providers

Providers are how DevPod interfaces with the infrastructure you want to run your dev containers on. In the initial release, we focused on a handful that we knew would be in demand: Docker, Kubernetes, and several cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean, and Civo Cloud). We also created a way to build custom providers in case people had other infrastructure they wanted to use. We want you to be able to run DevPod anywhere that you have available infra.

We were pleased to see almost immediately that people were building providers to use DevPod on other infrastructure. And so, with the 0.2 release, we have added a way to surface those community providers.

To use one of the community providers, go to Providers –> Add in DevPod and click the community provider icon.

The Add Provider screen

From there, you can click on the provider you want and then enter its settings.

If you prefer using the DevPod CLI, you can install the community providers with the devpod provider-add command. For more details, see the docs.

So far the community providers list is:

Cloudbit -

Flow -

Hetzner - and

OVH Cloud -

Scaleway -

Select the provider you want from the list

Enter the settings for that provider

Thanks so much to the folks who have built these providers and shared them with the DevPod community. If you have a provider you’d like to share, please come to the #devpod channel in our Loft Community Slack or open an issue on the DevPod GitHub repo.

Along with the community providers, there’s now a way to use custom providers that are local on your computer. Hit the plus sign icon (to the right of the one for community providers), and you can navigate to the location of the files.

#DevPod Engine Private Beta

In addition to the 0.2 release, we’re also launching a private beta for DevPod Engine, a commercial product allowing teams to standardize DevPod templates, centralize cloud access permissions, and create DevPod environments per pull request. If you’re interested in the beta, you can sign up here.

Of course, you’re welcome to continue to use the open source version of DevPod for free if that suits your needs better. 

#Next Steps

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