DevPod vs. GitPod

Lukas Gentele
Hrittik Roy
2 min read

DevPod allows dev teams to take full control over their dev environments, without being locked into a specific provider. Developers can write code in any language, and run it anywhere. For example, they can test on virtual machines, or code in Python with VS Code running on Docker Desktop, or in Go running in EKS. If the provider they need doesn’t exist, they can build it.

Compared to GitPod:

  • DevPod does not require any signup
  • Open-Source: DevPod is 100% open-source and extensible. A provider doesn’t exist? Just create your own.
  • Client-only: No need to install a server backend. DevPod runs solely on your computer.
  • Cross IDE support: VS Code and the full JetBrains suite is supported. Other IDEs can be connected through ssh.
  • Rich feature set: DevPod already supports prebuilds, auto inactivity shutdown, git & docker credentials sync, with many more features to come.

Check out the full comparison below:

Feature DevPod GitPod
Platform Type Self-hosted SaaS + Self-hosted
Cost Pay for cloud Pay GitPod
Self-hosting Yes Paid
Signup Required No Yes
Client Side Yes No
Open source Yes Yes + Commercial
Auto inactivity shutdown Yes Yes
Prebuilds Supported Supported
Environment build tool API calls on Cloud VM, Containers on Kubernetes and Docker Docker Container on GCP
Raw pre-configured VMs Yes No
Terraform required No No
Command line access Yes Yes
Internet access required No Yes
Existing Kubernetes clusters Supported Not supported
Existing machines with SSH Supported Not supported
Try in seconds (cloud) Yes Yes (Managed)
Try in seconds (laptop) Yes No
Support for multiple languages Yes Yes
Support for new cloud providers by community Yes No
GPUs in workspaces Yes No
Devcontainers support Yes No
Multi Devcontainers support for mono repo Yes No
Security isolation Unopinionated Opinionated
Customization High Low
Audit log Yes No
VS Code IDE support Yes Yes
Jupyter notebook support Yes No
JetBrains Fleets support Yes No
JetBrains IDE support through Gateway Yes Yes
Desktop application Yes No
Any SCM provider Yes No
GitHub Integration Yes Yes
GitLab Integration Yes Yes
Bitbucket Integration Yes Yes
Azure DevOps Yes No

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