Loft Labs at KubeCon 2022 Valencia

Lukas Gentele
Rich Burroughs
1 min read

We’re excited to announce that most of the Loft Labs team will be attending KubeCon 2022 Europe in Valencia this week. Members of the team attending include Loft Labs CEO Lukas Gentele, CTO Fabian Kramm, VP of Marketing Dan Finneran, Developer Advocate Lian Li, and me.

We’d love to talk to you about Loft, vcluster, DevSpace, and our other projects. If you have questions about multi-tenancy, policies, developing on Kubernetes, or largely anything cloud native then please come over for a chat. We also have some fun things to hand out like t-shirts and stickers. If you’ll be attending, please swing by and see us in booth SU15. And enjoy KubeCon!

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