Loft Labs Launches New Education Series with LearnK8s to Bridge the Kubernetes Skills Gap

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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16, 2024 -- Loft Labs, a leading provider of platform engineering solutions, is launching a new learning series entitled "Building a Kubernetes Platform." Conducted in collaboration with LearnK8s, the Kubernetes training company, the program will educate practitioners on the multi-tenancy tooling landscape and provide detailed instruction on how to effectively architect Kubernetes clusters. The learning series is designed to bridge the Kubernetes skills gap for developers and platform engineers and unlock greater autonomy, productivity, and innovation in the enterprise. 

Kubernetes has the power to accelerate innovation and deliver both scalability and operational stability. A staggering 96% of organizations are using or evaluating this powerful orchestration tool. However, this widespread adoption has revealed a significant industry challenge: a shortage of skilled professionals capable of leveraging Kubernetes to its full potential. In fact, as of February there were 13,770 open job postings related to Kubernetes on LinkedIn. This deficiency in Kubernetes-skilled talent impedes adoption, which is particularly problematic given its essential role in harnessing AI and ML.

“Kubernetes has quickly become mission-critical to businesses—but the current shortage of Kubernetes-proficient developers and platform engineers has limited its impact,” said Lukas Gentele, co-founder and CEO of Loft Labs. “We’ve closely listened to our vCluster community’s feedback regarding multi-tenant Kubernetes platforms and it’s clear that there’s a significant demand for a variety of use cases. Among our users, 83% leverage vClusters for continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), 40% for data processing and analytics, and 26% for AI and ML. These are only a few of the countless use cases of vCluster, and it reveals a compelling opportunity to equip technical professionals with essential Kubernetes skills, enabling them to excel in a diverse cloud-native ecosystem.”

“The value of Kubernetes is well-known, but its complexity and steep learning curve present a formidable challenge for enterprises,” said Daniele Polencic, Instructor and Managing Director of LearnK8s. “We are on a mission to educate the next generation of Kubernetes experts. In our series with Loft Labs, we will provide practitioners with the tools and training they need to overcome the usual pitfalls and get the most out of Kubernetes.” 

Platform engineers, DevOps engineers and solution architects who participate in the three part series will gain insights on:

  • The landscape of multi-tenancy tools, including open-source tooling, and the trade-offs of each
  • The pros and cons of sharing clusters vs. using dedicated clusters—including differences in security and workload segregation—and how to choose the right level of isolation for tenants 
  • How to optimize Kubernetes design to minimize waste and cost without hindering productivity and innovation

  • Loft Labs’ “Building a Kubernetes Platform” series kicks off on February 29. To learn more or enroll in the program, click here.

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