vcluster on TGIK

Rich Burroughs
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The latest episode of VMWare’s TGIK stream featured a hands-on look at vcluster. You can watch the recording below.

If you’re not familiar with vcluster, it improves the Kubernetes multi-tenancy experience by letting users run virtual Kubernetes clusters inside a shared host cluster. A virtual cluster runs inside a namespace on the host cluster and appears to the users as if it's a full-blown, dedicated cluster.

I started watching TGIK years ago when Joe Beda began streaming it, so it was great to see a project I work with highlighted on the show. The hosts for this episode were Daniel Esponda and Derrik Campau, two SREs at VMware. They’ve been looking at vcluster and evaluating it to see how it might fit into their platform. Daniel and Derrick talked a lot about networking, which was very interesting, and said they are considering using vcluster in their CI/CD pipelines.

If you’re looking to learn more about vcluster this is a great way to help you get up to speed. Thanks to Daniel, Derrik, and the VMware Tanzu team for having vcluster on the show. And thanks to Derrik for his vcluster PR, we appreciate the contribution.

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