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We are a venture-backed tech startup in hyper growth phase. Our team is distributed across 8 timezones and we have a remote-first work culture.

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Why join us

Since we are a fast-moving startup, you will not be number 14,589 in our company but rather become an essential part of our team right from the start.

Fast Application Process

We will respond quickly and make hiring decisions within days rather than months.

Open-Minded Work Environment

We are operating in a lean, honest, and efficient way and we are looking for different perspectives, constructive feedback and creative, motivated people who want to make a difference.

Grow With The Company

We are a small company right now but we are growing incredibly fast because we work on something that has a lot of value to engineering teams in large enterprises.

Responsibility From Day 1

You will see right from the start that your work will immediately have an impact in our company and you can shape the future of this company together with the rest of our team. Grow with us and benefit from being part of this journey from the start.

Benefits and perks

Since we are a fast-moving startup, you will not be number 14,589 in our company but rather become an essential part of our team right from the start

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Competitive Salary

We tend to pay higher wages than other startups.

Flexible Working Schedule

You have a doctor’s appointment or need to head to the supermarket to get groceries at 2pm? We won’t have an issue with that. To us, results matter more than clocking in and out at the same time every day.

Platinum-Level Insurance

Health, dental, vision, and life Insurance including plans for you and eligible dependents (benefits vary depending on country)

Workplace Flexibility

If you want to work from home, that’s great! If you’d prefer to work in a coworking space, we can make that happen as well. If you want to relocate to our HQ in San Francisco, let’s discuss that. We’re flexible on all of this and we know things can change in life and we’re happy to adjust the work environment for you along the way.

What to expect in our hiring process

Application Review

We'll review your resume, track record and prior work examples (if any).

Initial Interview

This is a 20 minute interview to get to know you, ask a few questions about your motivation and experience, and to give you the chance to learn more about us.

Hiring Manager Interview

This second interview goes deep on your subject matter expertise with one of our senior staff members.

Offer Discussion

If we decide to make you an offer, we'll ask you to join us for a quick call to go over the details before we send out the written offer letter or contractor agreement.