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Offline Installations

Air-Gapped / Offline / VPC Clusters

If your cluster is air-gapped, within a VPC or restricts network connectivity in other ways, you may run into issues validating the Loft license and pulling Loft images required for Loft.

To solve the licensing issue, you can either use allow HTTP requests from the Loft pod(s) to* (this is the preferred option), or use an offline license key.

To solve not being able ot pull images from Docker hub, you can use a private image registry to host your own copies of the Loft image that your cluster can reach.

Offline Images

If your cluster is not able to pull images from Docker Hub, you have to push the Loft images into your private registry. To find out which images are required, we publish a file called loft-images.txt with each Loft release.

Follow these instructions to download all Loft ind import them to your private registry:

  1. Set the $VERSION variable to the Loft version you want to upgrade to OR set it to the current version using:

    CHART=$(kubectl get service loft -n loft -o jsonpath={.metadata.labels.chart})
  2. Set your private registry as variable:      # THIS SHOULD BE A PREFIX / DO NOT INCLUDE ANY LOFT_IMAGE PATHS
  3. Download the file loft-images.txt and the required scripts called and and make them executable:


    chmod +x ./
    chmod +x ./
  4. Run to download all images locally:

    ./ --image-list loft-images.txt
  5. Run to push all downloaded images to your private registry:

    ./ --registry ${REGISTRY}
  6. Edit your existing loft.yaml file or create a new file named loft.yaml with content:

    image: ${REGISTRY}/${VERSION}    # Replace ${REGISTRY} and ${VERSION}
  7. Upgrade Loft via:

    To upgrade Loft via Loft CLI, run:

    loft start --upgrade --version=$VERSION --values=loft.yaml

Offline License Key

If your cluster does not allow the Loft pod to connect the Loft license server (*), you can contact to purchase an offline license key or to request a trial license key for offline use.

You can edit Loft install values as follows to use your offline license key: