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Version: 3.4

What are Projects

Projects are the highest level organizational unit in Loft. In the simplest form, projects can be thought of as containers for virtual resources (spaces and virtual clusters), however, they also play an important role in enforcing role based access and quotas within Loft.


Perhaps the most important aspect of projects is that they contain members, that is, users and teams that are a part of the given project. Only users and teams that are part of the project (and Loft admins) will have access to the project. Moreover, each user or team can be given specific roles that define their role, and access, within the project. See the Members section for more information.


Projects contain a list of allowed templates that can be used by members to create space instances and virtual cluster instances. Administrators can configure default templates, or simply allow all templates for the project. See the Templates section for more information.

Allowed Clusters

Each project may define specific clusters that members of the project have access to. The member users and teams will have their roles propagated to each allowed cluster. See the Clusters section for more information.

Argo CD Integration

To help in managing Virtual Clusters, Loft Projects also integrate with Argo CD. Using the integration you can configure Loft as a Single Sign On (SSO) provider for Argo CD. Users will then be able to log in to Argo CD. As Virtual Clusters are added to the Project they can be registered as a destination for Argo CD Apps to be installed. Read more about the Argo CD integration here.