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Version: 3.4

Uninstall Loft

Delete Helm Release

helm delete -n loft loft

Please make sure you also uninstall kiosk, if you have connected the loft cluster:

helm delete -n loft loft-agent

Delete Namespace (optional)

kubectl delete ns loft

If you have deleted the namespace without deleting the loft and loft-agent helm releases beforehand, please make sure the api-services and webhooks are deleted correctly:

# loft agent api service and webhook
kubectl delete apiservice
kubectl delete validatingwebhookconfiguration loft-agent

Delete CRDs (optional)

kubectl api-resources --api-group='' -o name | xargs kubectl delete crd

Delete kiosk resources (such as accounts, templates, templateinstances):

kubectl api-resources --api-group='' -o name | xargs kubectl delete crd
Data Loss

Deleting the Loft CRDs will also remove all Loft objects inside your cluster, e.g. Cluster, Team, and User. This cannot be undone.