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Version: 3.4


While we hope you don't run into any issues while deploying Loft, it sometimes happens! This page contains some information that may help you resolve deployment issues. If you're still stuck, please join us on Slack where you can find a #Loft channel where you can ask other questions!

Troubleshooting Tips

Flag --reset

If you need a clean Loft installation, you can use the --reset flag to tell Loft CLI to purge any previous Loft installs:

loft start --reset    # --insecure  ...add any other `loft start` flags if needed

Debug ImageErr + ImagePullBackOff

If your Loft pods are not starting because the Loft images cannot be pulled, you may need to use a private image registry rather than pulling Loft images from Docker Hub.

Use Port-Forwarding

You can always try to connect to Loft directly and circumvent any potential networking issues introduced at the load balancer and ingress controller level.

To start port-forwarding, either use loft start or run:

kubectl port-forward deploy/loft -n loft 8080:10443

After that you can access Loft at https://localhost:8080. You can even login with the Loft CLI to this URL with:

loft login localhost:8080 --insecure

If you can access Loft via port-forwarding only, this is usually an indicator that the problem might be related to a misconfigured LoadBalancer or Ingress Controller.