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Version: 3.4

Import Spaces

Namespaces and Spaces created prior to Loft 3.0 can be imported into a project. This process will automatically create a 'SpaceInstance' resource, and cause it to be shown under the requested project.

Importing namespaces and legacy spaces can be accomplished via the Loft UI or the Loft CLI.


Not every namespace can be imported into a project, as Loft prevents you from importing system critical namespaces, such as the namespace Loft is installed in as well as kube-system and default.

  1. Select the Clusters field on the left menu bar.
  2. In the main work pane, click on the cluster containing the legacy space you would like to import.
  3. In the Cluster Management view, click the button on the top navigation tabs bar.
  4. Find the space/namespace you would like to import in the list of namespaces. Click the drop down arrow next to the space name. In the drop down menu click theImport button.
  5. In the pop-up box, select the project you would like to import the space into from the Select Project drop down box.
  6. [Optional] provide a name for the new 'SpaceInstance' resource, if you do not provide a name, Loft will use the name of the legacy space.
  7. Click the button.